Infuso gusto agrumi Sandemetrio

Sandemetrio citrus fruit infusion

Sandemetrio’s citrus fruit infusion is a delicious organic drink that encapsulates all the flavour of Mediterranean citrus fruits.

The infusion is sugar-free, and has an intense, fragrant taste, with orange, intense notes of lemongrass and the decisive flavour of chicory creating an exceedingly refreshing, pleasant drink for any time of year.

Perfect also for any time of day, enjoyed hot for those wanting to comfort themselves and ward off winter ills, or cold for a thirst-quenching in summer.

Those with a sweet tooth can add a teaspoon of honey, to make the flavour of this vitamin C rich infusion harmoniously balanced.
In addition to the taste experience, Sandemetrio’s citrus fruit infusion offers multiple benefits.

Thanks to its high content of minerals and nutrients, the citrus fruit infusion is the perfect drink for purifying the body of waste and toxins.
In addition to detoxifying the body and promoting the well-being of the mind, it will also contribute to counteracting the signs of ageing.

Citrus fruits are a symbol of Mediterranean flavours, but it appears their origins are linked to the East. The first edible citrus fruits, in fact, seem to have first grown on the slopes of the Himalayas, and were already grown in China and appreciated in India as far back as 4,000 years ago. They were finally brought to the Mediterranean area by Alexander the Great.

On this journey between East and West, citrus fruits have become a fundamental agricultural resource. Sandemetrio respects natural cycles, using citrus fruits exclusively from organic farming for the production of its citrus fruit infusion.
All the taste of the Mediterranean in one sip.


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