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Sandemetrio invests in culture: presentation of the film “The Great War of Salento”

The social responsibility of a company also lies in the support it can give to its local communities and the promotion of their culture and traditions.
For this reason, we have decided to sponsor Marco Pollini’s film “The Great War of Salento” (La grande guerra del Salento), based on the novel of the same name by Bruno Contini, which was presented at a press conference yesterday, in the presence of the President of the Puglia Regional Council Loredana Capone, the director and co-producer Marco Pollini, the author of the novel Bruno Contini, and Apulia Film Commission Production Officer Manager Massimo Modugno.

The story told in the film is set in the year 1948-1949, and tells of Antonio, a young boy from Supersano who loses his life following clashes that took place after the football match between Ruffano and Supersano. Antonio was the first fan in the history of Italian football to lose his life in the context of a match. In addition to the story of Antonio, the film narrates the conflict of the Supersano club president and agricultural entrepreneur Ernesto with the Ruffano club president, Don Alfredo, a former fascist general.
Taken from the book of the same name by Bruno Contini, teacher and author of many historical books, the film was played by an almost exclusively local Apulian cast.

Thanks to significant reconstruction and research on testimonies and documents of the time, it was possible to arrive at an authentic as well as visionary cinematic retelling of the events.

Filming took place in the towns of Ruffano and Supersano, places where Sandemetrio operates, and to which we are particularly attached. Places we are proud to support the artistic and cultural promotion of.

The “Great War of Salento” is produced by Ahora! Film and was made with the contribution of the Apulia Film Commission and the Puglia Region. The film will be distributed in cinemas and on various online platforms.

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