Our infusions, herbal teas, teas and food supplements
are guaranteed by high biological standards

The quality of raw materials, rigorously selected and controlled throughout all stages of cultivation, harvesting and production, is, for Sandemetrio, the added value in each pack of its infusions, herbal teas, teas and food supplements. Our infusions, herbal teas, teas and food supplements are guaranteed by high biological standards that make all of our products of superior quality in the agri-food sector. Sandemetrio, in applying an eco-sustainable development model, is committed to reducing and preventing all forms of pollution through the use of renewable resources and energy.
100% organic farming
Organic farming is a type of agriculture that exploits the natural fertility of the soil.
Field interventions are limited, and synthetic chemicals or genetically modified products (GMOs) are never used.
Sandemetrio respects the natural vegetative cycles of plants.
Sandemetrio has obtained Puglia Region Protocol 152 of 04/04/2016 certification for the production and marketing of food supplements.

IFS certification

International Food Safety (IFS) certification guarantees the excellence and safety of food products.

ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 certification certifies quality management within the company. All internal ISO 9001 certified processes meet a high standard of excellence.

ISO 14001 certification

ISO 14001 certification certifies the quality of environmental management. We are particularly proud to have obtained this certification, because we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact, and achieve effective, efficient production in favour of sustainability and environmental protection policies.

ICEA certification certifies guarantees, control, and quality.

Organic farming respects the natural vegetative cycles of plants, safeguarding human health and the environment, and guaranteeing a healthy product that is safe and controlled throughout the production chain.



Efficiency in the use of resources and waste reduction, respect for natural cycles, organic farming, sustainable
disposal of packaging, and the use of 100% compostable paper.
By choosing Sandemetrio for your distribution, you are not only opting for high quality products,
you are opting for the future of a sustainable world.



Sandemetrio: tea, herbal teas and infusions produced with clean energy

Environmental sustainability is a pillar on which the future of the Sandemetrio factory rests. Indeed, all business and investment efforts are projected towards achieving zero impacts.

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