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Explore the New Horizons of Taste with Sandemetrio: Rooibos Tea and English Breakfast Tea

This April, Sandemetrio invites you on a sensorial journey with the introduction of two exclusive novelties: our Decateinated Organic Rooibos Tea and English Breakfast Tea. These creations are not just infusions, but gateways to worlds of pure gustatory expression and well-being.

The Rooibos Tea stands out for its vibrant red color and sweet flavor, with notes of hazelnut and a light vanilla aftertaste, which together create a welcoming haven for the soul. Without caffeine, it is a perfect companion for your moments of relaxation, offering a tasting experience that calms and invigorates.

The English Breakfast Tea, a classic renewed by Sandemetrio, it promises to start every day with a note of strength and vigor. Its full and robust taste, with malt nuances and a hint of bitterness, stimulates the senses, preparing you to face daily challenges with renewed energy and concentration.

At Sandemetrio, quality is our promise: we select only the best leaves, grown with sustainable practices, to ensure an unparalleled tasting experience. With these two new infusions, we celebrate the diversity of the world of tea, inviting you to discover new horizons of flavor and well-being.

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