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Pomegranate infusion: a triumph of taste and health

The St. Demetrius Pomegranate Infusion stands out as a tribute to nature and its generosity, offering a tasting experience that enriches the palate and nourishes the body.

This drink contains the pure essence of pomegranate, a fruit known for its antioxidant properties and support for the immune system, in an infusion that celebrates the fusion between taste and well-being.

San Demetrio’s approach, which combines tradition and innovation, is manifested in the creation of this product, where the quality of the raw materials and the attention to the production processes translate into an infusion rich in flavor and beneficial properties.

Always available in various formats, the Infusion of Pomegranaterepresents the perfect choice for those looking not only to hydrate but to make conscious choices towards a lifestyle oriented towards well-being.

This infusion is not just a drink but a gesture of personal care, a moment to disconnect from routine and immerse yourself in a sensorial experience that nourishes and restores.

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