Southern entrepreneurs: Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto and the virtuous example of Sandemetrio

Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto was born in Specchia, in the Province of Lecce, in 1938. Coming from a peasant tradition, he dedicated himself to the cultivation of medicinal herbs that respects the cycles of the seasons, leading him to the founding of Sandemetrio Opificio Erboristico.

Today, Sandemetrio represents one of the most competitive business models in the sector.
The entrepreneur Ricchiuto was the first to talk about phytotherapy in Italy, and, today, he has almost 50 years of experience in the sector.

Everything revolves around the region of Salento, the land around the town of Specchia, and a range of about 400 species of medicinal herbs. Their cultivation gives rise to all of Sandemetrio’s semi-finished and finished products: infusions, teas, herbal teas and food supplements of the highest quality.

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