Sandemetrio: tea, herbal teas and infusions produced with clean energy

Environmental sustainability is a pillar on which the future of the Sandemetrio factory rests. Indeed, all business and investment efforts are projected towards achieving zero impacts.

Actions implemented under this commitment include:

  • Exclusive use of organic farming
    • Adoption of 100% compostable filters
    • Installation of electric car charging point

In addition to the above, Sandemetrio has equipped itself with a photovoltaic solar power system for the self-production of electricity, in order to power a large part of the production cycle.

Optimizing energy resources for a sustainable business

The process of improving electrical energy efficiency demands various detailed steps, from creating an awareness of available resources to conscious use and waste reduction right through to reductions in management costs and social, environmental and economic impacts.

The advantage of producing one’s own energy within the company is twofold: the reduction of costs, and the possibility of improving impacts on the environment.

Solar power offers a way to self-produce clean energy.

Solar panels are capable of producing electricity by exploiting solar radiation to generate electricity. Luckily, here in the Salento region, the sun is a constant throughout the year.

Our photovoltaic system has a peak power of 112.00 kW, a value that allows us to offset a part of our annual electricity demand.
Solar power system components
Our photovoltaic system is made up of 320 VIESSMANN Vitovolt 300 M350WA panels, with an estimated useful life of over 25 years.
We use three HUAWEI SUN20000 36KTL static inverters, providing 36KW each.
Calculation of the electricity produced
According to UNI 8477-1 and UNI 10349 standards, the irradiation on panels exposed at 0° with respect to the South, and inclined 30° with respect to the horizon, with the chosen albedo factor, is equal to 1819 kWh/m² (locality: Lecce, Italy).

The annual electricity consumption is 231,000 kWh, meaning that the energy produced is equal to 60% of demand.

The sun grows our plants, and also generates the energy to be able to process them.

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