The production chain, from plant to packaging

Choosing a Sandemetrio branded tea, infusion or herbal tea means having a guarantee that behind every sip is the quality of a controlled production chain, through every stage, from plant right through to packaging.

This is possible thanks to Sandemetrio’s 5000 square metre production area, including:

  • A botanical garden for the cultivation of over 400 species of medicinal herbs
  • Buildings dedicated to the packaging of teas, infusions, herbal teas and semi-finished products
  • An analysis laboratory
  • Quality control

The company also boasts a therapeutic propolis processing department and an extract production department, which produces liquid extracts and mother tinctures.

Everything starts from the earth

Every Sandemetrio sachet, capsule and pod contains genuine, high quality raw materials, produced with full respect for the environment.

The organic production method is the fundamental requirement of all raw materials used for Sandemetrio products.

Organic farming respects the natural vegetative cycles of plants, safeguarding human health and the environment, and guaranteeing a healthy product that is safe from the point of view of health and controlled throughout the production chain.

The processing of medicinal herbs, from plant to packaging

After preparing the soil, we proceed with the sowing, or planting, of seedlings, which will follow their natural vegetative cycle. The parts of the plant of interest, whether they are leaves, flowers, tips, buds, roots or fruit, are only harvested when their “balsamic time” has been reached, that is, the moment they have the highest concentration of active ingredients, almost always coinciding with flowering.

After harvesting, the plants are immediately processed and dried in special ovens, to preserve all their beneficial properties.

After drying, the different lighter and heavier parts of the plants are separated and sorted into two cut formats: herbal and filter. Both vertical and horizontal cutters are used to cut the plant parts into the desired dimensions.

The transformation of the plant materials into finished products

After drying and cutting, the raw materials are transformed into semi-finished and finished products.

This stage in the production chain takes place using sophisticated systems that guarantee the stability and long shelf-life of the product and the absence of oxidizing and polluting agents.

Before packaging, the herbs are checked by specialist personnel, and marked with a certificate attesting to their compliance with regulations and standards.

Packaging, the final stage in the production chain

Sandemetrio teas, infusions and herbal teas are packaged in aluminium and polyethylene bags, in a protective atmosphere free of aerobic organisms, so that the natural active ingredients of the plant are preserved from oxidation.

The filter cut of the plant material is used to produce filters, pods and capsules.

Using high-tech machinery, the teas, herbal teas, infusions and food supplements are packaged in filter bags, without the use of additives, preservatives, adhesive glues or staples.

In addition to the filter format, infusions, barley and coffee are packaged in compostable pods and capsules, compatible with Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and A Modo Mio machines.

Custom products

In addition to producing teas, herbal teas and infusions under the Sandemetrio brand, the company processes and packages various fully customizable products, including filters, pods and capsules, for third parties.

Sandemetrio’s control of its production chain, from plant right through to packaging, makes it a leading point of reference in the agri-food sector.

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