Cinnamon & Orange Infusion in Ese 44 pods

Sandemetrio Cinnamon Orange Infusion is a blend of natural ingredients, enriched by the enveloping aroma of cinnamon. It can be drunk any time of the day, hot or cold.


Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, cinnamon bark, apple, orange peel, cloves, natural flavourings.

Origin: from organic farming.

Preparation: insert a pod into the espresso machine, and dispense hot water to taste. The infusion can also be prepared in the classic method of placing a pod in a cup (200 ml), pouring boiling water over it, and letting it infuse for 5-6 minutes.

Wring the pod with a spoon, and sweeten to taste.

Recommended sweetener:  Stevia San Demetrio.

Packaging: box of 18 pods, of 3.8g.

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